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DESCRIPTION: Mako winced at the slamming door and looked up from his newspaper as Korra came in. Straggled would have been the more appropriate term.

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avatar the last airbender episode hentai, virgin 18 latina girl porn, virgin on virgin sex ex post, lowhand naked, boob girl mako makos makos shooter, bbw face. mako videos, free. Monster Girl Island - Mako Scene 2 Build Walkthrough. 8 minKrongorka - k Black Rock Shooter Hentai Slideshow 2 . Friday night, without fail, Korra showed up at Mako's apartment with a bag of her things insisting he couldn't go to Korra's room because it was in the girls' dorms . . requested, rolling his eyes at Mako and shooting Asami a charming smile. . He let his hand come up to cup her breast, thumb circling the.

Mako winced at the slamming door and looked up from his newspaper as Korra came in. Straggled would have been the more appropriate term. Her hair was falling out of its ponytails, her jacket wait, wasn't that his jacket?

She let her bag fall to the ground then collapsed onto the sofa, face planted in a pillow. Mako waited a couple of minutes to see if she planned on providing him with any kind of explanation. When it became increasingly clear that one was not forthcoming, he tugged her hair gently. Korra made a feeble attempt to swat his hand away and he caught her wrist. She finally looked at him Boob girl mako makos makos shooter he slid his hand down to lace their fingers.

She tried to smile but it didn't reach, the sides of her mouth drooping Boob girl mako makos makos shooter like windless balloons. Immediately she curled up against him, putting her head on his lap and burying her face in his stomach. He could feel the heat of her breath through his shirt. Mako's police salary didn't provide a fortune, but it gave him enough to have his own apartment in a decent part of the city.

During the week Korra dutifully stayed at Air Temple Island, attending to her Avatar training and duties. Sometimes they would see each other if their schedules worked out, getting lunch or dinner or just hanging out at the apartment.

Of course, what they both really looked forward to was the weekends. Friday night, without fail, Korra showed up at Mako's apartment with a bag of her things which was getting increasingly small, he had noticed, and in the meantime he was finding more and more of her stuff around when she wasn't there to stay the weekend.

She liked to tease him by telling him she only came to get away from Rohan's crying. This statement was usually followed by her jumping his bones so as to leave no room for doubt about her true motivations.

It wasn't really like her to flop down like this. Or I want a vacation, at least. Let someone else do things for a change," Korra groaned, hands fisting his shirt. He rubbed the top of her arm, caught off guard when he felt how tense she was. Damn, knotted just as badly there too. He heated his palm against her skin, trying to coax the muscles into relaxing.

It wasn't often he saw Korra like this. He hadn't realized it in the beginning; she was a bad liar, but great at avoidance. This tactic had worked for a few weeks up until she called to cancel dinner one night with the excuse she wasn't feeling well. Mako decided to surprise her with soup, figuring if she couldn't make it to dinner he would bring dinner to her.

He'd nursed his brother enough times; he didn't mind Korra being a little sick. As it turned out, "sick" was perhaps not the best descriptor of her condition. When he had arrived on Air Temple Island, he was greeted by Pema and Tenzin's kids, who looked ambivalent about seeing him. That really should have been his first clue; Ikki always asked a dozen questions and Meelo tried to show him "firebending" moves. This time, Meelo was quiet, Jinora was talking a mile a minute, and Ikki was clinging to his jacket telling him he needed to be back in the city catching bad guys.

The second clue should have been Jinora insisting he couldn't go to Korra's room because it was in the girls' dorms. Actually, no, that was the third clue; the second was the children's refusal to tell, and then outright lies, about where Korra even was.

Despite their efforts and okay, with the help of a few fortunately-available acolyteshe was able to finally escape the kids and find Korra. Her eyes were bright red, her hair undone, her nose dripping. He put the soup down and pulled her into his arms, holding tight even when she struggled. Hurt enough for him to almost consider leaving, telling her that if she wanted to sulk in her own misery and push him away, that was quite fine and he didn't need her rejection.

He could feel her trembling, however, and he knew he had to stay whatever she told him. Maybe she didn't want him here, but he wanted to be there Boob girl mako makos makos shooter her. If she was going to cry, he wanted to be the one whose shirt she ruined with her snot and tears.

He wanted to learn how to comfort her, what made her smile when she was sad, or even laugh. He hated seeing her so unhappy; Boob girl mako makos makos shooter wanted to be the one to make her happy again. He would even settle for knowing who to get to make her happy again, it didn't have to be him much as he would like.

Her hands curled up like she wanted to punch him while tears streamed harder down her face. His stomach churned, making his feel almost dizzy. He hated her feeling that way; her being "weak" would never drive him away.

If she was struggling, he would carry her. If she fell from the tightrope, he would be her net. He would be strong for her when she couldn't be — that was what you did when you loved someone, right? It was what he did for Asami when her father betrayed her, and Bolin when their parents died. He remembered that she sniffed once, going perfectly still, then threw herself against him and began sobbing, spilling out the story of how she had gotten locked in a closet, how scared she was, how much she hated feeling scared.

She told him that she could do was scream, that she eventually set the closet on fire and terrified everyone in the temple because it was just supposed to be an Boob girl mako makos makos shooter game of hide-and-seek with the kids.

It wasn't innocent for her; her only thoughts were of Tarrlok locking her away, Amon trying to capture her. How cold the snow was. How she sat in the box waiting for Tarrlok to return to do unspeakable things. This time, however, Boob girl mako makos makos shooter seemed more tired than scared lying in his apartment. She sighed and rolled onto her back, looking up at him through the loose pieces of hair falling over her face. She then released it, moving on to the next finger.

Mako watched her, thinking. He had had a response, something comforting that agreed with her, but he had been distracted when he remembered a conversation he'd had earlier in the week.

A rather uncomfortable conversation that felt so relevant now he half-wondered if he was being set up. This was quickly shot down as he considered the state of Korra's acting skills. He had never expected to get involved in such a conversation, and wouldn't have it had been anyone but Bolin Boob girl mako makos makos shooter Asami bringing it up. Predictably, being a friend to the Avatar and participants in the One-Week War earned you sufficient fame to attract a plethora of lovers.

Being "insanely gorgeous" as Bolin put it, he and Asami saw no reason to turn away all that no-strings-attached sex. Boob girl mako makos makos shooter seems weird at first, but when you think about it makes Boob girl mako makos makos shooter sense. He would have words with him later. Is that why you're getting all grumpy? Would Lin accept "aggravated verbal harassment" as an excuse if he set the table on fire?

Mako cleared his throat loudly in protest. This seemed to only urge them on. Really, though, why did he bother? If being the Avatar's boyfriend was never enough to intimidate them, why did he think being a police officer now would make any difference? The ones with the intense jobs spend so much time being responsible for others that it's a relief for them to have someone else setting the boundaries for one, you know? And the calm ones can handle the responsibility for that short period of time because they've got themselves together so well.

I can't believe I never thought about it like that before. Bolin cocked his head thoughtfully. Mako set his sandwich down with a sigh. So much for that.

That conversation, the one he had never wanted to hear in the first place, was now the only thought in his mind. He was an awful boyfriend. Korra was upset, and he was busy analyzing the contents of his apartment to work out what could be used for bondage that Korra couldn't destroy in five seconds.

She moved again so now her hand was on his hip, distinctly not helping his situation. The Avatar powers do not include mind-reading. He could do this. And, um, that I maybewantedtotrysomething. What is happening to me? Her blue eyes were dancing with curiosity as she turned to look at him, a smile just spreading over her face.

Oh, he liked that expression. He could see the blood pooling in her cheeks and lips and her tongue flickered out in anticipation. Korra squeaked as he picked her up, carrying her up a short flight of stairs to the loft bedroom.

According to the realtor, most people found it a deal-breaker; for Mako, it was the deal-sealer. Her back arched at the impact. Mako didn't answer her, instead pulling his jacket from her Boob girl mako makos makos shooter and replacing it in his closet.

Would Bolin believe him later when he told him that he managed to make Korra be quiet without touching her? Was she going to get mad at him now? Or maybe she just thought he was some kind of sick pervert.


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I'm not over my ex - did I do the right thing? SharkMermaid Mako's Secrets SHARK TEETH LIKE ACTUAL SHARKS, SHARK MER- SHARK A comment that complains about the lack of boob description?. Friday night, without fail, Korra showed up at Mako's apartment with a bag of her things insisting he couldn't go to Korra's room because it was in the girls' dorms . . requested, rolling his eyes at Mako and shooting Asami a charming smile. . He let his hand come up to cup her breast, thumb circling the..

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COM mako videos, free sex videos. Black Rock Shooter Hentai Slideshow 2 Sexy Asian Girl Having Sex - -[via]. Girl Shooting A Gun Takes A Hot Shell To The Boob. Loading Unsubscribe from Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. mako videos, free. Monster Girl Island - Mako Scene 2 Build Walkthrough. 8 minKrongorka - k Black Rock Shooter Hentai Slideshow 2 .

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