Asian culture communication style

Although China is fastly modernizing, there are still vast differences in the ways in which Chinese interact with Western people and the world at large. The key function...

Culture style Asian communication

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A communication style is the way people communicate with others, verbally and nonverbally. It combines both language and nonverbal cues and is the meta-message that dictates how listeners receive and interpret verbal messages. Of the theoretical perspectives proposed to understand cultural variations in communication styles, the most widely cited one is the differentiation between high-context and low-context communication by Edward Hall, in Low-context communication is used predominantly in individualistic cultures and reflects an analytical thinking style, where most of the attention is given to specific, focal objects independent of the surrounding environment; high-context communication is used predominantly in collectivistic cultures and reflects a holistic thinking style, where the larger context is taken into consideration when evaluating an action or event.

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Communication style culture Asian

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Remember what I mentioned in the first and second blogs about the cultural differences between Asian and Western countries as well as the family cultural values. The differences in culture cannot be seen only in daily activities, but in business activities as well. Therefore, business is the scope where the culture in action can be observed clearly. The business practices are formed in term of cultural attitudes toward work, power, trust, wealth and communication Hooker,

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Business relies to a large extent on relationships, and relationships require effective communication to be built. Whatever your profession or industry, employers have come to value the ability to communicate effectively with others as much as, if not more than, the technical expertise you need to succeed in your given field.

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Asian culture communication style

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Posts tagged with understanding the Asian cultures in cultural etiquette and communication styles between the Asian/Pacific cultures as the. Finally, implications of cultural differences in communication styles will be...