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DESCRIPTION: Hi-Lift jacks are ubiquitous on trail rigs, and for good reason.


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3 Ton 60" off Road Ratcheting Farm Jack Truck High Lift Bumper Tractor SUV

About Trail Jacks & Vehicle Recovery Equipment Categories. 4X4 Jack Mount Kit Outfit Any Off-Road Vehicle with Electric Winch, Bumper & Tools · How Warn. Find great deals on eBay for Off Road Jack in Other Shop Equipment. Off Road Farm farmer Jack Truck High 48 inch Lift Bumper ton Tractor Durable. Hi-Lift Bumper Lift. $ Offroad Jack Mounting Bracket, Jeep Wrangler (JK). $ Offroad Jack Roll Bar Mounting Bracket, Jeep Wrangler.

Basic Self Recovery Using a Hilift - Dating Profiles!

We all know that a Hi Lift jack is one of the most important recovery accessories you can have in the backcountry. Lifting and maneuvering your 4x4 with your Off road bumper jack Lift is a valuable ability when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere. A Hi Lift Off road bumper jack is like a stock Jeep: But when you starting doing some upgrades, it can do things you never imagined.

In this article you'll get some ideas on how you can make your Hi Lift jack work even better for you. Speaking from experience, if your Hi Lift fails on the trail or the lift mechanism jams, your recovery operation will be 10 times harder and 10 times less safe. You haven't experienced true frustration until you've had to unjam rusty climbing pins on every pump of the jack handle.

As you can see from our load rating chart, the Hi Lift can handle a lot of weight. There is a safety shear bolt that breaks at 7, lbs, but for most normal people doing normal lifting, this isn't an issue. One major problem is a jack mounted outside a 4x4. The climbing pins are steel stainless Off road bumper jack would be weaker and they'll eventually rust. Rusty climbing pins will bind and seize.

Binding literally only happens when you least want it to - like when you're trying to lower your rig on a rocky, uneven trail. A jack cover below and regular lubrication can slow down rusting a lot, but a Hi Lift repair kit is small and super cheap insurance. It's easy to keep it in your recovery gear bag.

The Hi Lift jack manual is short, high resolution, and has easy-to-understand instructions. It's excellent, especially compared to Off road bumper jack other 4x4 parts manuals we've seen. Hi-Lifts come with a metal spring clip that holds the handle in place against the bar, which is mostly useful to keep the handle upright when you pause while using the jack. A handle keeper is the first accessory you should buy for your Hi-Lift Jack. Keepers are made from polyurethane and slide over the bar and handle to hold them separate and steady.

With a secure mounting system, your jack will be silent. Some people report that the Daystar unit fits more snugly and that Hi Lift unit is looser. Use a bungee cord.

This is one Hi-Lift accessory that you should always have in your toolbox. With enough use or time outside, the moving parts of your Hi-Lift will wear out.

Sand, dirt, and rust can all affect your jack especially if you mount it outside your 4x4 without a cover. Even though they are zinc-coated for corrosion resistance, eventually the climbing pins will wear through the zinc, rust, and stop moving smoothly in their bores. This can prevent your jack from climbing and lowering properly.

This kit replaces all the common wear parts and will make your jack work as good as new. You rely on the jack hardware to hold or pull the weight of your vehicle, and failure of the jack could have catastrophic consequences for anyone around your 4x4 in the event of a failure.

With a winch kit and a chain, you can easily use your Hi Lift as a winch. This works nicely as a supplement to your main winch to stabilize your rig on off-camber Off road bumper jack. Or you can use it to recover when you're stuck. One of the main benefits is that you can "reel in" along a length of chain without resetting any of your gear. You simply can't do this without a Hi Lift winch kit. This won't perform as well as an electric winch on the front of your truck.

It's all manual power and will have a shorter reach. But it also doesn't require your engine to be running or charging your battery when you get stuck. Plus you already have the Hi Lift with you on the trails. The JackMate is an accessory for your Hi-Lift Jack that both improves its existing functions and makes it more versatile. The JackMate is an awesome addition to your Hi-Lift. It would be worth it with only the chain slot and increased load limit.

Besides all the standard stuff, it also works great for bending tie rods back into shape or popping out a fender that crunched into a tire after a roll. The JackMate is made to be used at either end of your Hi Lift and will slide anywhere on its bar. This means that you can swap out the Hi Lift factory base for the JackMate without tools. Of all the Hi-Lift Jack accessories, this one is probably the most versatile.

Some of the Chinese jacks have inconsistent tolerances such that a JackMate might not fit or easily slide along the bar. Some of these jacks are fine, so if you get a JackMate, you should check the fitment before relying on it. Rescue 42 points out that older, frequently used jacks may have mushroomed ends or slightly bent bars which will make it hard to install the JackMate. The moving parts get covered in dirt and that makes them wear out faster.

What if you could avoid all this trouble? A neoprene cover for your Hi Lift jack is a pretty easy way to keep it protected. The cover fits Off road bumper jack over the mechanical parts, but does not cover most of the bar or the handle.

This means that you can use conventional Hi Lift jack mounts that mount the jack with the holes in the bar. This cover is made from neoprene and zips over your jack.

The zipper in on the handle side of the jack, opposite the foot. Neoprene is Off road bumper jackbut this cover is not waterproof. For one thing, the jack pokes through both ends of it. Off road bumper jack can also enter and exit at the zipper and the seams opposite the zipper. We recommend spraying WD or lithium grease on your jacks mechanical parts when you put it away. The lube protects your parts, and the cover protects your lube.

These covers last for about years of constant sun exposure. The biggest complaint about them is the seam and material degradation in sun exposure.

If you ever go wheeling in Off road bumper jack, mud, snow, or other soft ground this Hi-Lift jack accessory is worth its weight in gold. Usually you start looking around for logs and rocks that you can stick under your Hi-Lift. Ah yes, the old Hi-Lift-on-a-round-log trick. Fortunately, you can buy a wide, lightweight accessory baseplate that will go under your Hi-Lift and make it much more stable on flat surfaces.

It has a hole drilled in the center that you can use to mount it to the bar of your Hi Lift. One thing we like is the toothed edge - you can use this to scrape the ground and make it Off road bumper jack for the jack.

Your Hi-Lift Jack has a flat lifting point, which is great for square or rectangle tube bumpers. But the jack stinks when you need to lift a vehicle with rounded bumpers. Besides being prone to denting or crumpling your bumper, the flat lift point is very unstable under a curved bumper since the contact points are so small. The lack of friction means that your jack can easily slip. The Bumper Lift is a Hi Lift Jack accessory that makes lifting from a curved bumper much easier and safer.

It can lift up to lbs. For Off road bumper jack people the front of the 4x4 will be heavier than the rear due to the weight of the engine and transmission. If storage space is at a premium in your Jeep or 4x4, this storage box is a decent accessory for your Hi-Lift Jack. It has two holes spaced to bolt to Off road bumper jack bar of your Hi Lift. The included mounting hardware comes with large wingnuts that are easy to spin off when you need to use your jack.

It has a raised Off road bumper jack that should keep most water out if mounted horizontally, but it definitely is not submersible. So storing ratchets, sockets, wrenches, pliers, and so on would probably be a bad idea, but it would be perfect for Hi Lift Jack accessories, recovery straps, or shackles. The box has a third hole that can be used with a padlock or locking knob neither are included to lock it to your jack. We wish the locking mechanism was done a little better since locking it could be a little tricky.

The locking hole is located on the box lid and the mounting holes are located on the box bottom. With the box locked to your Hi Lift, the mount bolts could be removed and the side latches unfastened. This would allow the box bottom to swing down and open. Just like with curved bumpers, the Hi Lift's flat lifting nose is not very secure on round tube rock sliders.

This adapter solves that problem with a half round tube that can be used on sliders and bumpers that are up to 2. The Slider Adapter is made from steel and painted black.

It attaches to the Hi Lift nose with an included quick-release pin. The Slider Adapter makes a larger contact area for your Hi Lift to lift your 4x4 and will help to prevent your vehicle sliding off your jack. As long as your sliders can support the weight of your 4x4 this accessory will work for you.

This includes sliders that are welded or bolted to the frame, Off road bumper jack long as that connection is secure. Welded sliders should use fish plates instead of being butt-welded directly to the frame.

Bolted sliders should use appropriately sized grade 8 hardware. When you need confidence in lifting from your sliders, this is a sturdy Hi Lift accessory made in the USA. It will fit First Responder Jacks. The Hi-Lift Jack Lift Off road bumper jack is perfect when you need to get a wheel up for some reason but you run out of jack.

Sometimes you get high-centered or stuck on some obstacle.


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Do you think he likes me at all/ will message me? Hi-Lift Jacks & Accessories. Hi-Lift Jacks & Accessories. View more. X-JACK Exhaust Jack. X-JACK Exhaust Jack. View more · 4X4 Culture. Check out our latest. Free Shipping. Buy Ton 48" Off-Road Farm Jack Lift Bumper at

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  • Find great deals on eBay for Off Road Jack in Other Shop Equipment. Off Road Farm farmer Jack Truck High 48 inch Lift Bumper ton Tractor Durable.
  • What everlastingly could conjointly be your long for, you on understand it from www irrespective of time.

  • Manufacturer of “The Original Power Tool” Hi-Lift® Jack along with accessories and other recovery related equipment designed for off-road, farm, and rescue. With a full-range of specially designed accessories, the Hi-Lift jack is just about the most versatile piece of off-roading/farm/auto recovery equipment you can buy .
  • 60" Off-Road High Lift Bumper Jack. This heavy duty jack is a must have for the off-road enthusiast. It is rated at 6,lbs and has a lift height of 55". They have. About Trail Jacks & Vehicle Recovery Equipment Categories. 4X4 Jack Mount Kit Outfit Any Off-Road Vehicle with Electric Winch, Bumper & Tools · How Warn.

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60" Off-Road High Lift Bumper Jack. This heavy duty jack is a must have for the off-road enthusiast. It is rated at 6,lbs and has a lift height of 55". They have. About Trail Jacks & Vehicle Recovery Equipment Categories. 4X4 Jack Mount Kit Outfit Any Off-Road Vehicle with Electric Winch, Bumper & Tools · How Warn. Every self-respecting off-roader packs a Hi-Lift jack and a shovel before hitting the trail. the jack under a secure anchor point on your bumper or rock sliders, Worthwhile add-ons include an off-road base so the jack doesn't.

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